Made from RUST MARTIN's official Monogram Embossed on 100% Calf leather , the RM Heritage Neverfull Duffle 97 is a travel duffle bag with a totally flat interior. The lighweight duffle can be opened and closed with just one hand, while offering convenience. It's easy to get at what's inside thanks to a double-pull zipper closure and wide opening. The neverfull Soft line was created with each business professionals pain points in mind, Compact, convenient, Lightweight, and easily organized & roomy.


Expect to draw attention and turn heads with your lightweight Monogrammed RM Heritage Neverfull Duffle bag (Convenient , compact, Stylish, Roomy). Strut within your greatness with your one of a kind RM Heritage Keep all Duffle bag. Capture a piece of Heritage Today!!

RUST MARTIN Monogrammed Never full Duffel Bag

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